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Huazhong University of Science and Technology postdoctoral recruitment 2022

Huazhong University of Science and Technology postdoctoral recruitment 2022. The team is oriented to major national needs and carries out scientific research and development work in the fields of special radiofrequency/microwave devices and circuits, high-performance RFIC/MMIC, and anti-interference communication systems. Based on core key technological breakthroughs and innovative research, the team has developed a series of products and promoted them in a number of major national projects, solved practical problems, and made substantial contributions to the development of science and technology and talent training in this field. Write “Thesis on the land of China”.

The team has built a first-class complete scientific research platform covering RFIC/MMIC simulation design, micro-assembly process, debugging and testing, environmental testing, etc., with high-precision automatic chip placement, gold wire welding, and eutectic welding, and microwave probes Test, microwave S parameter/X parameter/spectrum/noise/phase noise/power and other test capabilities.

The team has full scientific research tasks and sufficient scientific research funds. In the past four years, the accumulated scientific research funds have been about 200 million yuan.

Due to the needs of scientific research and development, the team urgently recruits post-doctoral fellows who have a solid foundation, outstanding research and development capabilities, RFIC/MMIC background, and familiarity with RF semiconductor technology to join the team. The remuneration package is above the industry average level, which can be discussed in detail.

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