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1. In what way does the Citation Plugin assist you?

Mendeley reference manager is a world-renowned journal referencing software. As well as helping you plan and manage your data, Referencing by Mendeley may greatly accelerate the writing task towards your own articles. In addition, it is possible to generate complete bibliographies of the resources you have used in your article by using the Mendeley Citation Plugin in conjunction with your Mendeley library. Finally, it enables you to recreate this look all the references you’ve included into a document with only one or two clicks of the mouse.

Free and easy plugin for Microsoft Word (Windows, Mac) or Libre Office (All operating systems).

Permits you to enter stylistic citations to Mendeley Library reference resources fast and simply.

A bibliography for your article is automatically generated using all the sources you’ve referenced.

It’s easy to restyle all the references in your paper with a few mouse clicks using a library of always expanding styles.

2. Mendeley reference manager: Download and When you install the citation plugin for Mendeley

Install the Mendeley Citation Plugin in your word processing program (Microsoft Word) as immediately begin composing.

The Mendeley Software Program must be installed on the system (desktop/laptop) in order to use this feature.

Shut down both the Word processing program and Outlook application before installation.

Launch the Mendeley Desktop Program which you have downloaded earlier, and then proceed.

Now you need to go to > Tools > Install MS Word Plugin

Note: Depending on whatever word processing software you have running, Mendeley will provide you various options.

A confirmation message will appear after the citation tool has completed its installation.

Then relaunch Word Program to complete the process.

Utilizing the Mendeley Citation Plugin in Word program or using in the Libre Office

3. Mendeley Reference Manager (Mendeley Citation Styles)

There are a wide range of citation formats supported by Mendeley, featuring styles particular to an array of academic publications/journals and institutions.

Look out the style guidelines available online and in print from the Library for further information on how to cite appropriately.

Utilizing Mendeley CSL Editor

Citation styles that are already in use may be found in Mendeley. You may use the CSL Editor (Citation Style Languages) to change the style of an existing style or build a new style to suit your needs.

Mendeley Reference Manager for Windows

4. Using Mendeley Citation Plugin on Mac and Windows? Here's how.

Overview to the plugin’s functionality.

insert citation in Mendeley

Launch/open your word processor after the plugin has been installed.  According on the application you use for, users will see a different place for the application. Libre Office displays it as a toolbar at the screen’s very upper edge/top.

Use plugin mac 1

A quick way to get it back is to pick “Mendeley” from the “Toolbars” menu and click “View” to bring the toolbar back.

Use plugin mac

The tool appears as a distinct panel in Microsoft Word for Mac and may be moved around as needed.

Accessibility to the tool may be found on the Ribbon in Microsoft Word for Windows under the References tab. Mendeley’s Cite-o-Matic is getting a new set of features.

Use Plugin Word

5. In Mendeley, how can I add/insert citations to my work?

Click the Insert Citation option on the toolbar after positioning the cursor where ever you wish to insert your initial citation.

A window will open, enabling you to browse your Mendeley libraries for the relevant reference. Pick a good reference from the search result after typing in a search query.

To include a citation for the reference you’ve chosen, just click the “Ok” button.

insert citation in Mendeley

6. In Mendeley, how can I utilize or use citation styles?

When writing a paper, citation styles determine how references and bibliographies are presented.
The selected ‘Citation Style’ will be used to input/insert your citations in the document. Many journals and publishers have established a set of formatting guidelines known as style sheets. A footnote # could be used in certain circumstances, and in others, the citation may include further information more about the referenced source.

citation styles 1

The citations’ appearance is determined on the Citation Style you have chosen. The ‘Choose Citation Style’ feature on the Mendeley plugin toolbar allows you to make changes anywhere at moment.

citation styles 2

When you click here, you’ll be sent to a screen where you may choose from a variety of styles. The ‘Get More Styles’ option may be used if the style you require is not displayed.

7. Creating a Mendeley bibliography

Get your bibliography up and running in no time with the Mendeley Citation Plugin.

Mendeley’s application will automatically build a bibliography of all the sources you’ve referenced after you’ve entered all of your citations.

Click the ‘Insert Bibliography’ option on the Mendeley plugin toolbar and place the mouse cursor wherever you wish the bibliography to display. This procedure may take a few moments based on the number of citations in the text.

Create Bibliography 1

Likewise, Mendeley will construct indexing of all the references you’ve made and style the listing in accordance with the citation style you’ve selected.

Create Bibliography 2

Whenever you introduce a different citation to the bibliographies, it will rearrange and reconstruct automatically, so there’s no need to entirely recreate it. Additionally, Mendeley can intelligently and automatically rearrange things in your bibliography when an older reference is added.

8. In the Mendeley Citation Plugin, how can I change the citation style?

All your references and bibliography may be rewritten in a matter of seconds.

Even though you’ve completed all of your citations and created your bibliography in the document, Mendeley enables you to easily modify the citation style you’re choosing. Once your article is ready for submission, this tool makes it easy for you to re-format it for other publishers.

Change citation styles 1

Pick Citation Style is one of the buttons on the Mendeley plugin toolbar (it may say “Select me to fetch the styles” if you’re running an operating system that doesn’t support ‘Choose Citation Style’). The Mendeley Citation Styles panel/menu may be accessed by clicking on this icon.

Change citation styles 2

If you’ve installed any citation styles, the Citation Styles menu shows a list of them. It’s easy to find and add new themes to Mendeley, which includes preconfigured with something like a variety of popular ones. Switching between styles is as simple as clicking on the one you choose and pressing the ‘Use style’ option that shows beside the input/entry.

Change citation styles 3

When you return to your word processor, Mendeley will automatically change all of your references to accommodate the particular style that you’ve chosen.

Change citation styles 4

As a result of the new guidelines, your bibliography will also be rearranged.

9. Merging citations before adding additional citations

You can keep track of your sources by merging many citations into a single citation.

It is possible to merge 2 distinct citations into a single reference for stylistic reasons.
The ‘Merge Citations’ button on the toolbar is all you need to do to merge two separate references into a single one.
Two references will be combined into a one, correct citation.

Merge citation 1

After inputting citations, you may include as many as you want. It’s better to seek for another source in the Citation Editor rather than hitting “OK” after you’ve identified one.

Merge citation 2
You may then hit ‘Ok’ to combine the two references into a 1 specific reference.

10. What is the Mendeley Citation Plugin's Edit Citation feature?

To rectify errors or add more information, edit the citations you’ve already included.

To update a reference or include additional information, you may need to modify a citation that you’ve previously entered, also including such as adding a particular page number.
The first step is to locate an existing citation and place your mouse cursor where you want it. This may be done in either Libre Office or Microsoft Word by pressing the ‘Insert Citation’ or ‘Insert or Edit Citation’ buttons on the Mendeley citation plugin toolbar.

Edit citation 1

The Citation Editor will open whenever this button is clicked. You may now provide further information to the citation by clicking on the current reference. The top box, for instance, allows you to enter a particular page number. This area has a dropdown list where you may select different kinds of information.
You may then select Ok to proceed to your article with the citation containing the additional details.

Edit citation 2

If you modify a citation, your modifications would only affect that one citation. There will be no modification in any other references to the same source. Firstly, the complete citation is available, and then you may utilize shorter forms in all following citations.

11. How can I collaborate with a colleague on Mendeley Reference Manager projects?

How can I collaborate with a colleague on Mendeley Reference Manager projects?
You and your coworkers may collaborate on publications using Mendeley.

Mendeley allows you to collaborate with coworkers who also use the service. In this way, they are able to contribute their own contribution and cite it as needed.
To see a Mendeley citation in a joint initiative, the user must have Mendeley desktop installed and all referenced sources must be in the user’s reference library. If a referenced reference is absent, they will be requested to fill it in.

Collaborate 1

Whenever working together, you may prevent this problem by only referring articles that have been circulated with a group that includes all participants. The Citation Editor has a drop-down list for groups; just choose the right one from the citation menu and make sure all the publications you wish to reference are included.

Collaborate 2

12. When I'm done with my Mendeley Editor project, how do I export my papers?

In order to collaborate with your coworkers or finish your paper, export all existing files.

Export paper

Exporting your task in a particular file type may be necessary if you want to distribute it along with coworkers who use various word processors.

The OpenDocument Text (.odt) type used by Libre Office is not compatible with several other editors, for instance. It is consequently possible to utilize the Mendeley Citation Tool plugin for the Libre Office plugin to convert to Word (.doc) type.

It is possible to export your working file in the.doc format by clicking the “Export MS Word Compatible” option on the Mendeley citaiton toolbar.

One may also utilize the Export menu to save every draft of the working article/document that does not include the Mendeley encoding. To prepare the file for submission, apply this.

Credits: Mendeley

Credits Mendeley

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