The research team of Professor He Weiqi from the Cambridge-Soochow University Genomics Resource Center of Soochow University Medical School is open to the public to recruit 1 postdoctoral researcher due to work needs. The recruitment related matters are now announced as follows: 

1. Introduction to the research team 

He Weiqi, Cambridge-Soochow University Genome Resource Center Professor, doctoral supervisor, and project leader. Selected by Jiangsu Outstanding Youth Fund, “Zhongying Young Scholar” of Soochow University. Mainly engaged in the study of intestinal epithelial homeostasis control. Presided over 3 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, 1 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Published many papers in Nature Medicine, Gastroenterology, CMGH, JBC and other journals. Served as reviewer for journals such as Gastroenterology, CMGH, Cell Death Dis, etc. For details, please refer to:

2. The main research directions of the research group 

1. Intestinal mucosal barrier disorder and the mechanism of inflammatory bowel disease 

2. The interaction between the intestine and biological rhythms Mechanism of action 

3. The mechanism by which inflammatory factors regulate the proliferation and differentiation of small intestinal stem cells. 3. 


Under the guidance of the project team leader, independently carry out research projects, responsible for inflammatory bowel disease and small intestinal stem cell related experiments; assist in the cultivation of graduate students and laboratory routines jobs. 

4. Recruitment requirements 

1. Have a medical or biology related professional background, a full-time doctoral student (including) or above; 

2. Have good English reading and writing skills; have published in the subject field as the first author High-level SCI papers are preferred; 

3. Strong communication, activity organization and coordination skills; proficient in mouse genetics, molecular biology and other experimental techniques, and experience in mouse manipulation and organoid culture is preferred; 

4. Practical work, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, physical and mental health;

5. Applicants for the position of assistant researcher, generally under 35 years old. 

5. Salary 
(1) The total salary during the employment period of the post-doctoral staff of the unified recruitment consists of two parts: the basic annual salary and the bonus. The total salary of outstanding performance evaluation is RMB 1 million, the total salary of good performance evaluation is RMB 800,000, and the total salary of qualified performance evaluation is RMB 600,000. Basic annual salary: 200,000 yuan (excluding the pre-tax income after the social insurance and provident fund undertaken by the school, about 180,000 after-tax), which will be paid by the school on a monthly basis during the station. Bonuses and subsidies: issued annually based on the results of performance evaluation.  

(2) Provide rental subsidy of RMB 10,000 per month (not included in total salary). 

(3) Those who receive national post-doctoral innovative talent support, post-doctoral international exchange program introduction project, post-doctoral international exchange project dispatch project, Hong Kong Scholars Program, Macau Young Scholars Program and other projects during the station, the subsidy received is not included in the school The total salary is paid in addition.  

(4) The scientific research achievements obtained during the station can enjoy the school scientific research achievements rewards in accordance with the school regulations.  

(5) Participate in the qualification review for professional and technical positions in accordance with the school’s relevant regulations on professional and technical positions. 

6. How to apply 

1. Candidates should include their resumes including study and work experience, main research content, representative papers, awards obtained, etc., recommendation letters and contact information of two recommenders (including doctoral supervisors), Send the relevant supporting materials to Teacher He’s mailbox: , and the subject of the email should indicate “postdoctoral candidate + name”. 

2. Comprehensively inspect the candidates’ materials and organize interviews.

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