The research team of Professor Shi Zhenming and Professor Peng Ming of Geological Engineering of Tongji University is looking for postdoctoral fellows

Team Profile:
Shi Zhenming, a native of Kazuo, Liaoning Province, is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Civil Engineering of Tongji University and presides over the national key R&D program. He also serves as the vice chairman of the Geology and Geotechnical Engineering Monitoring Branch of the Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society, a standing member of the Engineering Geology Professional Committee of the Geological Society of China, and a member of the Geological Hazard Research Branch of the Geological Society of China. He is the deputy editor-in-chief of an international journal. He has long been committed to the research and practice of geological disasters and prevention, in-situ testing of engineering geology, and engineering properties of the rock mass. He has presided over more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects, including key national R&D projects and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 130 papers, compiled 5 textbooks, edited and participated in 4 specifications (standards), and authorized 15 national invention patents. He has won the first Science and Technology (Natural Science Award) of the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, the second prize from the China Highway Society, the second prize from the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, and many more other provincial and ministerial awards.

Peng Ming, a native of Loudi, Hunan, is currently a researcher and doctoral tutor of the School of Civil Engineering of Tongji University, a national “WR Program” QB Talent Program, Tongji University Hundred Talents Category A, and Shanghai “Pujiang Talent Program” (category A). He is also the editorial board member of mainstream journals in the field of geological disasters, and a member of the professional committee of landslide and debris flow prevention and control of China Society for Soil and Water Conservation. He has presided over more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including 4 National Natural Science Foundation projects (including 1 international cooperation project) and 1 sub-project of the National Key R&D Program. He has published 1 English monograph and more than 100 academic papers. He won the first prize in the Guangdong Province Natural Science Award, the second prize in the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, and the Gu Dezhen Youth Science and Technology Award from the Engineering Geology Professional Committee.

Currently, due to the joint undertaking of the National Key R&D Program-“Research on the Technology and Methods of Landslide and Collapse Disaster Prevention and Control in Strong Earthquake Areas”, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China Key Project-“Temporal and Spatial Evolution Analysis and Risk Control of the Impact of the Dam’s Lifetime Process on the Whole River Basin” , 2-3 postdoctoral researchers are planned to be recruited cooperatively.

Research directions:
Geological Hazard Risk Assessment,
Geological Engineering Machine Learning,
Earthquake Engineering Geology
, Coastal Engineering Geology,
Dam Break Mechanism and Sediment Transport

1. Possess a doctorate in geological engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, geophysics, and other related disciplines, have a solid professional theoretical foundation, have received good scientific research training, and have published English papers in related fields.
2. Have strong independent scientific research ability, positive scientific research attitude, strong scientific research enthusiasm and interest, and good teamwork spirit.
3. Research experience in numerical simulation, risk analysis or machine learning is preferred.

Personal treatment:
1. Provide excellent scientific research conditions and stable JF support for selected candidates, and provide no less than one opportunity to participate in international conferences or exchanges.
2. According to the relevant policies of postdoctoral management of Tongji University, the initial employment period of the contract is 2 years, and it can be decided whether to renew the employment according to the assessment results and the wishes of both parties. During the working period, Tongji University provides competitive treatment (starting from 38w+, up to 55w), and the research group will provide additional BT based on workability and contribution to the research group.
3. According to the applicant’s request, provide accommodation or BT.
4. Postdoctoral fellows can apply for teaching positions (including associate professors).

【Application Materials】
Please send the application materials (resume and full text of representative papers) to . The email’s subject is “Geological Hazard Prevention-Postdoctoral Application-Applicant’s Name”.

【Validity Period】
Long-term validity.


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