The Genomics Research Group of Shaanxi Normal University invites joint training for post- doctorate 

students (annual salary 350,000+). Introduction to the enrollment unit 

Shaanxi Normal University: Shaanxi Normal University is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education and a key construction university of the national “211 Project”, with the advantages of the national teacher education “985 Project” The “discipline innovation platform” construction of colleges and universities is an important base for the country to train teachers, education management cadres and other senior professional talents in institutions of higher learning, secondary schools, and is known as the “cradle of teachers” in the northwest region. The Zoology Department of Shaanxi Normal University is a national key (cultivation) subject. 

Guangzhou Zoo (Guangzhou Wildlife Research Center): The construction of the Guangzhou Wildlife Research Center laboratory has reached a leading level in the country. It has participated in a number of provincial and municipal key wildlife research projects, and obtained national scientific research funds such as the emergency special project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Published more than 30 academic papers at home and abroad, and obtained 17 patent authorizations, including 5 national invention patent authorizations, 3 science and technology awards above the municipal level, presided over the compilation of 3 national industry standards, wrote 2 academic works, and 5 people were hired Be a member of the city level or above or industry expert group. 

Job introduction: The genomics research group and Guangzhou Wildlife Research Center jointly recruit postdoctoral fellows. The post-doc salary package is from 350,000 per year (the upper limit is negotiated according to the talent situation, the minimum is 350,000, and the scientific research performance award is calculated separately). 

Introduction to PI: Li Gang, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Life Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, worked at the Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedicine (the school is ranked among the top five in the United States for veterinary medicine) As a postdoctoral fellow and associate researcher, he has been engaged in animal genomics research for a long time, and is committed to solving controversial focus scientific issues, such as cats, carnivorous genome evolution, genetic mechanisms of animal phenotype changes, and structural and functional changes of male Y chromosomes And the evolution of the olfactory receptor superfamily and so on.

    Professor Li Gang has published 30 SCI scientific research papers. In recent years, he has published a series of scientific research papers in Genome Research, PNAS, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Science Advances and other journals as the first author or co-first author and corresponding author, and has served as a reviewer for many high-level international academic journals Review the manuscript. These include PLOS Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution, etc. 

Contact: Email:

Personal homepage:   1. 

Research direction of the research group 

1. Animal genomics; 

  2. Comparative genome learning; 

  3. genome evolution, evolutionary biology; 

  4. Carnivora, cats evolution, ecology and genomics research; 

  * encourage and support members of the task Force to carry out their own research and topics in the field of evolutionary biology. 

2. Joint postdoc job requirements: 

  1. Have a research background in the following related fields: evolutionary biology, zoology, biostatistics; 

  2. Have the ability to think independently, design and carry out scientific research projects; 

  3. Have a sense of self-motivated and innovative , Have the courage to meet challenging topics, have teamwork and professionalism; 

  4. Have strong research interests, and have published papers (or submitted papers) in international journals as the first author 

  are preferred ; 5. Have good Chinese and English Writing and communication skills; 

  6. Professional priority (one of the two is sufficient): 

    (1) Genomic analysis, bio-information skills direction

        Have good research experience in system evolution, genomics, transcriptomics, and functional genomics; 

        have experience in second- and third-generation high-throughput sequencing data analysis; 

        have the ability to independently undertake genome analysis projects; 

        have good bioinformatics technology, available Perl , Python, R and other languages; 

    (2) Single-cell omics 

        has a certain basis of genome analysis and bio-information skills, and is proficient in single-cell sequencing technology and subsequent analysis procedures, and has published relevant technical papers as the first author (or Contributed) Priority consideration; 

3. Recruitment quota: 

It is planned to recruit establishment positions (associate researcher, associate professor, and postdoctoral faculty 2), and the number of subject postdoctoral positions is unlimited, until full. 

4. Supplementary post treatment: The 

    teacher postdoctoral school provides free independent apartments (or 20,000 yuan rental subsidy), which are introduced in the form of teachers, complete basic scientific research requirements, and have the qualifications of participating associate professors at any time within three years. Associate professors are not subject to school quota restrictions. Those with rich scientific research experience and outstanding ability can also join the research group as associate professors or associate researchers. 

Note: Associate professors and associate researchers provide good environmental housing on campus (120~140 square meters, low-cost housing). Prepare posts for children to go to school (the elementary school attached to the Normal University, the attached middle school, and the top five in Xi’an’s best educational resources). The primary school is a 5-minute walk from the family area, plus scientific research start-up funds and job allowances. 

5. Application materials and contact information: 

    Applicants should send their application letter (explaining the position to be applied for, the research direction of interest and a brief introduction of past work results), resume, recommendation letter and representative papers to the mailbox, please indicate the applicant’s Chinese name + the job title in the subject of the email.

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