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highest annual salary of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University is 660,000 + post-doctorate recruitment China Jobs 2022

The highest annual salary of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University is 660,000 + post-doctoral recruitment China Jobs 2022

1. Introduction to the hospital The
First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (also known as Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital and the First Clinical Medical College of Jinan University) is “China’s No. 1 Overseas Chinese Academy” and nationwide. A hospital directly affiliated to Jinan University, a “double first-class” university.

2. Recruiting majors In
order to further strengthen the construction of the hospital’s discipline team and promote the integration of clinical and basic scientific research, this site now plans to recruit 50 outstanding doctors at home and abroad each year to engage in research work in our hospital. The detailed research directions and supervisors are shown in the table below.
Professional Catalogue of Post-Doctoral Research Station for Clinical Medicine
Majors and Research Directions Major Cooperative Mentors
1. Internal Medicine①Respiratory
diseases and infectious diseases Liu Shengming②Nephropathy
Yin Lianghong③Hematological
diseases Li Yangqiu, Zeng
Hui④Digestive system diseases Tang Shaohui, Nie Biao, Gong Xiaobing, Xiao Good
⑤ Endocrine and metabolic diseases and rheumatism Yin Zhinan, Chen Xiaojia, Wang Lihong
⑥ Geriatrics Zhang Ronghua, Chen Guobing, Gao Hao⑦
Cardiovascular disease Guo Jun, Ju Zhenyu, Wang Huadong, Jiang Jie, Liang Haihai, Du Weijie
2. Pediatrics Song Yuanzong, Zhou Qinghua
three, Neurology Xu Anding, Huang Li’an, Zhang Yusheng, Li Keshen, Wang Yuqiang, Li Xiaojiang, Ren Chaoran, Lu Jun, Chen Gong, Hong An, Ren Chaoran
4. Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene Pan Jiyang, Jia Yanbin, Chen Jiaxu
Five, Dermatology and Venereology Zhang Hong, Deng Liehua, Wang Tong
Sixth, medical imaging and nuclear medicine Xu Hao, Luo Liangping, Zhang Shui-xing, Tian Jie, Li Hengguo, Wang Ying, the history of the Long March, Cai Xiang ran, Cai Dongqing, Lai Jen hair, Wang Xiaogang, Liu Xiangning
seven clinical laboratory diagnostics Wen Wangrong, Jiangzheng Jin
eight surgery
① Department of General Surgery Wang Cunchuan, Pan Yunlong, Jiang Haiping, Jia Shiqi, Hong Jian
2 Orthopedic Surgery Zha Zhengang, Li Zhizhong, Lin Hongsheng, Zhou Libing, Yang Lei
3 Neurosurgery Wang Xiangyu
4 Burn Plastic Surgery Liu Hongwei
5 Urology Zhuo Yumin
6 Cardiovascular Surgery Zhang Xiaoshen
9. Obstetrics and Gynecology Li Ruiman, Xiao Xiaomin, Wang Xiaoyu, Jiang Xuefeng, Wang Yuxia,
Luo Xin
10, Ophthalmology Zhong Jingxiang, Chen Jiansu, Zhou Qing, Li Zhijie, Wang Boguang
11. Otorhinolaryngology Zhang Tao
12, Oncology Xu Meng, Li Liangping, Chen
Tian Feng, Lu Yuanzhi, He Qingyu, Xue Wei, Ding Ke, Zhang Hao, Wu Jianguo, Sun Pinghua, Cui Daxiang, Li Bin, Yuan Ye
13. Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy Chen Zhuoming
14. Anesthesiology Li Yalan, Wang Xiaoping
3. Recruitment conditions
1. Age Under the age of 35, have obtained a doctorate degree in medical related majors for no more than 3 years;
2. Foreign personnel need to obtain a doctorate degree in the top 200 universities in the world (excluding domestic areas, the ranking is subject to the Times Higher Education Supplement of the year); in
addition ; , Our station encourages talents with backgrounds in other disciplines but with outstanding scientific research achievements in the fields of medicine-related or life sciences to apply.

Four: Benefits (from 290,000, up to 660,000+)
1. Salary. Provide an annual salary of 296,000 yuan/year (before tax).
2. Reward sex allowance. Post-doctoral fellows participate in the university’s comprehensive evaluation. Those who have obtained the excellent comprehensive evaluation of the university (the top 15% of the university) can receive a one-time incentive living subsidy of 300,000 yuan, and the outstanding people (the top 25% of the university) can receive a one-time incentive living subsidy 10 Ten thousand yuan.
3. Scientific research performance rewards. A one-time performance reward will be issued according to the scientific research performance points of the postdoctoral fellow, up to 400,000.
4. The hospital establishes a post-doctoral fund, and all post-doctoral fellows can receive a post-doctoral start-up fund of 50,000 yuan.
5. Assist in solving children’s enrollment in nursery school.
6. Bright prospects for development: Those who are outstanding in the outbound assessment can be given priority to stay in the hospital for work.

5. Application process
1. Submit the application materials (see the list to the 652 Science and Education Office of the Outpatient Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University;
2. The mobile station reviews materials and organizes interviews and assessments. After being reviewed by the post-doctoral management committee office of the school and approved by the school’s competent department, it is reported to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security for approval before entering the station.

6. Contact Information
Unit name: Science and Education Office of the First Clinical Medical College of Jinan University
Address: Room 652, Outpatient Department of the First Clinical Medical College of Jinan University, 613 West Huangpu Avenue, Guangzhou
Contact: Teacher Zheng
Email: [email protected], The email subject format of [email protected]
is “Name–Position-Education-School-Professional-Overseas Doctor Net”


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