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East China University of Science and Technology Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Research Center Recruitment China 2022

The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Research Center of East China University of Science and Technology is recruiting Distinguished Researcher, Distinguished Associate Researcher, and Postdoctoral Researcher

Location Xuhui District , Shanghai

Recruitment Post Distinguished Researcher, Distinguished Associate Researcher, Postdoctoral

Position Category Teaching and Research

2-3 Persons Proposed

Job Responsibilities Mainly engaged in the following Research work and certain teaching work:
1) Carbon nanomaterials and their applications: carbon nanotube/graphene preparation, composite materials, microwave absorbing materials, thermoelectric materials, aerospace and integrated circuit applications, etc.
2) Carbon dioxide conversion and high-value resource utilization: electrocatalysis, electrolysis, thermal decomposition, etc., high-value chemicals and carbon materials.
3) Metal materials: preparation, toughening and forming of light metal alloys and their composites.

Recruitment requirements and treatment
(1) Distinguished researcher
Age no more than 35 years old (female no more than 38 years old); annual salary ≥ 400,000, and research start-up funding of 1 million.
(2) The age of the specially-appointed associate researcher is not more than 32 years old (female is not more than 35 years old); the annual salary (before tax) is ≥300,000, and the research start-up fund is 500,000.
(3) In principle, postdoctoral fellows should have obtained a doctorate degree in a famous university or research institution in recent years, have a good scientific research background, and can work full-time in our school after being hired. The annual salary is ≥200,000, and the annual salary of the selected Shanghai super postdoctoral fellow can be superimposed by 150,000 per year. You can apply for a postdoctoral apartment, enjoy formal employee benefits, and you can apply to stay on campus when you leave the station.

Application Procedure
1) Applicants should send their resume and representative papers to:, The subject of the email should be “Name + Application Materials + Application Position + Overseas Student Network”.
2) The shortlisted candidates will be notified of the time and content of the interview, and those who fail the primary selection will also be notified by email.

Deadline is valid for a long time


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