Dalian Maritime University (formerly Dalian Maritime University) is a national key university affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, a national “211 Project” key construction university and a national “first-class discipline” construction university. It is the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education, the former State Oceanic Administration, and Liaoning The Provincial People’s Government and Dalian Municipal People’s Government jointly build universities. 
The members of the research group mainly include high-level experts Ma Hongbin, national high-level talents Zhang Jifeng, Professor Zabi Bazari, Professor Zheng Peng, Professor Ji Yulong, etc. The research group has long been committed to research on efficient heat transfer and ship energy saving. At present, due to the needs of scientific research, it is necessary to recruit several master and doctoral researchers with strong academic ability or project leadership to engage in cutting-edge research on enhanced heat transfer, ship energy efficiency, and emission modeling. 
      (1) Introduction to the mentor group 
       Hongbin Ma, Ph.D., professor, Ph.D. supervisor, high-level expert, Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, has long been engaged in research on enhanced heat transfer and phase change heat transfer. 
       Zhang Jifeng, Ph.D., professor, PhD supervisor, national high-level talent, Ph.D. from Cornell University, mba from New York University, member of the Fifth China Association of Young Scientists and Technologists, member of the Energy and Environment Professional Committee. 
       zabi bazari, Ph.D., professor, PhD supervisor, Ph.D. from Imperial College London, imo technical consultant. Worked in Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for more than 20 years, mainly engaged in ship energy saving and emission reduction work, presided over and participated in a number of international cooperative research projects. 
       Ji Yulong, Ph.D., Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, Vice Dean of School of Marine Engineering, Dalian Maritime University. Young talents of science and technology in transportation, young top talents of Liaoning Province “Xing Liao Talents Program”, post-doctorate of University of Missouri, USA. Has long been engaged in research work in the field of enhanced heat transfer and ship energy saving and emission reduction. 
     (2) Research direction 
      1. Intensified heat transfer theory and experimental research: phase change heat transfer, pulsating heat pipe, new pulsating heat pipe working fluid, interface thermal resistance, liquid metal, thermal protection, etc.; 
      2. Ship modeling simulation research: ship new Energy, surface drag reduction, ship energy efficiency modeling and simulation, ship emissions modeling and simulation, etc.
     (3) Research projects: 
      1. National key research and development plan (key special project for international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation between governments), key basic research on liquid metal high-temperature pulsating heat pipes and applications, 2020.9~2023.08, 2.724 million yuan; 
      2. Frontier of the Science and Technology Committee of the Central Military Commission Innovative key project, ××× Heat Transfer Technology Research (Phase I), 2019.6~20,216,200 million; 
      3. Frontier Innovation Key Project of the Science and Technology Commission of the Central Military Commission, ××× Heat Transfer Technology Research (Phase I), 2020.1~2021.12 , 1 million yuan; 
      4. High-end foreign expert project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, ecological ship design and operation simulation research of the whole ship, 2018.1-2020.12, 1.749 million yuan; 
      5. National Natural Science Foundation of China, liquid metal steam cushion pulsating heat pipe pulsating flow and high efficiency Heat transfer mechanism, 2019.1-2022.12, 660,000 yuan. 
    (4) Recruitment conditions: 
      1. Undergraduate exemption for master’s degree or direct Ph.D. must obtain the qualification for exemption from the school; 
      2. Applicants must obtain relevant professional undergraduate/master degree, have good English literature reading ability and good English technology Basic thesis writing skills; 
      Bachelor and master degree holders of 211 and above, English academic achievements are preferred, those who are interested in exemption or applicants can contact for interview; 4. Master and doctoral allowances are implemented in accordance with the unified management policy of Dalian Maritime University. Including school allowances and tutor grants, as well as laboratory-related academic awards; provide sufficient scientific research funding support, good office and scientific research experiment space, broad personal career development prospects, and recommend overseas study and exchange opportunities. 
     (5) How to apply
      Candidates submit application materials by e-mail, with the subject of the e-mail indicating: PhD/Master student + graduation school + personal name. The content of the e-mail should include personal resume (date of birth, educational background, work resume, scientific research results, mailing address) And telephone number, etc.) and copies of degree certificates and other certification materials. Those who pass the preliminary examination will be notified of the interview. Those who participate in the interview must provide: original and photocopy of academic qualifications and degree certificates; expert recommendation letters and other relevant materials that can prove their ability and level. For information on enrollment for doctoral and master candidates of Dalian Maritime University, please refer to: http://grs.dlmu.edu.cn/zs.htm . For post-doc recruitment, please refer to: http://rcb.dlmu.edu.cn/info/1054/1036.htm
     (6) Contact information 
      Welcome everyone with lofty ideals to this research group! ! ! 
      Ji Yulong teacher (Tel: 0411-84724306, Email: jiyulong@dlmu.edu.cn ) 
      Dr. Wang Zong Yu (Tel: 15,942,854,303, Email: wangzongyu09@163.com ) 
      Kwong Dr waves (Tel: 18,742,512,787, Email: kuanghailang_dlmu @ 163 .com )

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