China Medical University Seeking Talents Home and Abroad

I. A brief Introduction to China Medical University

Located in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China Medical University (CMU) is currently the only independent higher medical institution formerly under the Ministry of Health. Upholding the school motto of “firm in political stance, outstanding in technical skills”, CMU is moving steadily towards the goal of building a “first-class national medical university with international reputation”.

China Medical University has 33 schools, faculties and departments, and is entitled to confer degrees in 6 categories of academic disciplines, including Medicine, Education, Science, Engineering, Philosophy and Management. Doctoral programs with post-doctoral R&D stations in 7 first-level disciplines are offered, covering Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Biology, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. Five disciplines are classified as national key disciplines including Internal Medicine (respiratory diseases), Dermatology and Venereology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine (endocrine and metabolic diseases) and Occupational and Environmental Health, while Imaging and Nuclear Medicine is classified as national key discipline (in cultivation).

The CMU campus covers a total area of 1.11 million square meters, with a floor area of 741,300 square meters. CMU has 3 affiliated general hospitals and 2 specialized hospitals where a total of 10,785 beds and 240 dental treatment chairs are provided.

CMU has been attaching great importance to the training and introduction of talents throughout the years, and is now recruiting high-level talents from home and abroad in the fields of Biology, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and other health related disciplines. A series of talents development plans have been implemented to provide research platforms for talents at all levels. Talents introduced to CMU will be offered benefits in accordance with their levels, and should a higher level of achievements be made during their work at CMU, the higher level of benefits will be offered accordingly.

II. High-level talents requirements and benefits

1. Elite talents

Basic requirements: CAS or CAE membership, or topnotch experts with equivalent academic status and accomplishments internationally.

Benefits: benefits related to work and living will be provided according to the needs.

2. Leading talents

Basic requirements: Scholars preferably with advanced academic attainments and high-influence academic publications on top-level journals, whose academic level are in a leading position globally in the area of interest, and who have achieved internationally recognized major achievements.

Benefits: An annual salary of RMB0.8-1.2 million, a startup research fund of RMB8-10 million, a settling-in allowance of RMB0.8-1 million, a comfortable apartment of 130-160 square meters.

3. Top-notch talents

Basic requirements: Scholars who have published papers of influence on major series of top-level journals, with influence over the academia and outstanding achievements in the area of interest.

Benefits: An annual salary of RMB0.4-0.6 million, a startup research fund of RMB3-5 million, a settling-in allowance of RMB0.3-0.5 million, a comfortable apartment of 100-130 square meters.

4. Excellent scholars

Basic requirements: Scholars who have doctoral degree or post-doctoral training experience from overseas or top-ranking domestic universities. Overseas education or international research collaboration experience are preferred. Scholars should be able to follow the latest trend of the discipline development and have achievements made in the academia.

Benefits: Corresponding salary and welfare are offered according to the academic title applied for; research fund of RMB0.3-0.6 million, a housing allowance of RMB0.1-0.3 million, a settling-in allowance of RMB0.1-0.2 million.

5. Postdoctoral talents

Basic requirements: Outstanding fresh doctoral graduates from renowned universities overseas or top-ranking domestic universities. Priority will be given to graduates from world-ranking top 200 (QS) universities overseas.

Benefits: An annual salary of no less than RMB230K and a startup research fund of RMB100K. Outstanding doctoral graduates from world-ranking top 200 universities home and abroad are offered a one-time bonus of RMB200,000. Those who sign Employment Contract with CMU for 5 years or above upon exiting the postdoctoral station are offered a one-time bonus of RMB300,000.

III. Application materials and how to apply

Interested candidates are welcome to call or email us for further details. How to apply and materials required:

1. Detailed personal CV: a resume specifying continuous study and work conditions from undergraduate period until now; list of papers published and books composed, major teaching and research achievements, research projects undertaken, patents owned and awards received, etc.

2. Research plans for the future

3. Three full papers that can represent your academic accomplishment

Please compile all the above documents in one PDF file and name it by: your name + position + school (or academic discipline) to apply, and send it to the Office of Human Resources of concerned school with a copy to the Human Resources Department of CMU (see contact in below link).

China Medical University is now facing unprecedented development opportunities. All faculty and students will work together and commit to building a first-class medical university at the national level with an international reputation. We sincerely welcome you to join China Medical University and seek common development for a brighter future!

Contact: Miss Zhao, Miss Wu

Tel: 86-24-31939638


Address: Human Resource Department, Main Building 1505, China Medical University, 77 Puhe Road, Shenyang North New Area

Shenyang, Liaoning Province 

China 110122

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