Specific work location:
Shuangliu District, Chengdu
Generally not less than 350,000
Educational background and research direction:
Recruitment position:
Career establishment
company name:
Institute of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, China Academy of Engineering Physics
Contact information:

Brief introduction of the unit: 

China Academy of Engineering Physics (abbreviated as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ninth Institute) is a separate unit listed in the national plan, specializing in the development of national defense cutting-edge science and technology. 
China Academy of Engineering Physics Institute of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology is one of the manufacturing technology research and production bases of China Academy of Engineering Physics. It is responsible for the manufacture and assembly of key parts and components in the equipment research and production process, as well as related new materials, new processes, new equipment research and the development of dual-use technologies. 

Research direction: 
laser interferometry, ultra-precision geometric measurement, large-scale space measurement, experience in instrument development is preferred. 
optical engineering, instrument science and technology, doctoral/postdoctoral; 

career preparation 
doctoral: generally no less than 350,000 , No less than 250,000 in the first year. 
Welcome to my post-doc, with an annual salary of no less than 350,000, usually 2 years out of the station. 
The base provides revolving housing (monthly rent of 600, 85 square meters, 2 sets of one room, hardcover and bag accommodation), and a one-time settlement fee of 30,000 for doctors and 20,000 for masters. 

Please send your resume and relevant supporting information to the mailbox: mibolt@foxmail.com . 

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