Specific work location:
Changzhou University
Educational background and research direction:
PhD/Non-point source pollution restoration
Recruitment position:
Establishment of Jiangsu Province
company name:
Changzhou University
Contact information:
00002692@cczu.edu.cn; rjj@cczu.edu.cn

Recruitment of teachers in Changzhou University 
1. Specific work location: 
Changzhou University 

2. Salary: 
150,000-200,000/year, settlement fee of 500,000, research start-up funding of 50,000-100,000 
3. Education and research direction: 
PhD/postdoctorate/minyuan Pollution restoration 
4. Recruitment position: 
career establishment teacher 
5. Application requirements 
1. Major or research direction: 
(1) Biodegradation. Research content: Recruiting 2 people in the direction of organic solid waste biotransformation. 2 people in polluted by soil non-point source. 
2. Have the ability to independently design and carry out experiments, have a strong sense of work responsibility and teamwork spirit, and be physically and mentally healthy; 
3. Have proficiency in writing scientific papers and reports in Chinese and English, and have experience in publishing SCI articles as the first author. Participate in writing or independently apply for scientific research projects; 
4. Overseas education or research background is preferred, and the position is negotiable. 
6. Application materials 
1. Resume 
2. Scientific research experience 
3. Please submit the above materials to the contact by email and send the subject of the email Format: name + major + academic degree or title. 
Seven, Contact 
Email: rjj@cczu.edu.cn , 00002692@cczu.edu.cn
Address: Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Wu Road Gehu, China: 213,164 

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