The thermophysical properties and energy conversion research group of Michigan College, Shanghai Jiaotong University plans to recruit 1-2 post-doctoral researchers due to the research needs of the subject. 
Requirements for post-doctoral fellows 
1. Obtain a doctorate degree in engineering thermophysics, energy materials, chemical engineering, etc. from well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad; 
2. Basic knowledge of heat transfer and fluid mechanics is preferred; in solar photovoltaic, solar thermal Some research experience in material preparation, characterization and system construction is preferred; 
3. Strong interest in scientific research, active work, strong communication and expression skills and teamwork spirit; good English reading and writing skills; Physically and physically healthy, able to compete in academic and scientific research, and be able to work in the near future. 

1. Carry out scientific research related to solar thermal and radiant refrigeration, and cooperate with the instructor to complete necessary scientific research related work. 
2. Perform performance appraisal in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shanghai Jiaotong University postdoctoral management; complete the basic task indicators for outbound. 

1. Post-doctoral management regulations of Shanghai Jiaotong University, with an annual income of 260,000 to 300,000 yuan; enjoy social insurance, provident fund and other welfare benefits according to relevant regulations of Shanghai and Shanghai Jiaotong University; additional allowances will be given to personnel who have outstanding performance during their employment . 
2. According to the Shanghai Postdoctoral Management Policy, you can settle 
in Shanghai; 3. You can apply for professional titles (intermediate, deputy senior) during the station. 

Research group homepage
Contact information 
Applicants should submit their detailed resumes by email or letter. Those who pass the preliminary examination will be interviewed. Contact: Teacher Bao 

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