Specific work location:
West Lake University, 18 Shilongshan Street, Yunqi Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Educational background and research direction:
Fresh graduates with master’s degree or above
Recruitment position:
Laboratory assistant
company name:
West Lake University
company website:
Contact information:

1. Introduction to the research group The 
Integrated Optics Laboratory of West Lake University is a pioneering and energetic research team. There are currently more than ten post-doctoral, doctoral, and visiting students. In less than two years, it has built its own ultra-clean preparation laboratory and optoelectronic precision testing laboratory, which can independently complete the development of integrated photonic chips and devices, including device design and simulation, wafer processing and preparation, and chip Characterization of performance, heterogeneous integration of optoelectronic assembly, etc. With rigorous and pragmatic scientific research spirit, combined with the open academic environment of West Lake University, the research team is committed to making independent insights and practical scientific research work, and has published many papers and patents. We are concentrating on making important principle breakthroughs in the field of optical communications. In addition, the laboratory will also develop key upstream devices for applications such as smart sensing, life and health, astronomical observation and analysis. 

2. Recruitment positions and conditions 
1. Recruitment position: laboratory assistant (1) 
2. Job responsibilities: 
assist in the management and organization of vertical and horizontal projects; 
assist in the management of international journals, including the implementation of academicians and international experts Organize editorial committees and special academic conferences; 
assist in the implementation of various publicity and document editing tasks. 
3. Application requirements: a 
graduate (or above) with a master’s degree in optics, electronic science and technology or applied physics; a 
person of integrity, sincerity, enthusiasm, good communication skills and service awareness; 
strong English expression skills; 
yes Very good Word, PPT document processing ability. 

3. Job remuneration and career development 
1. Salary will be discussed on a case-by-case basis according to work ability and personal conditions, enjoy five social insurances, one housing fund and various benefits provided by the laboratory; 
2. The employment period is 3 years, and the employment can be renewed or based on work performance and contribution. Promote level by level; 
3. Those who meet the conditions can receive the talent subsidy for graduates with a high degree of Hangzhou. 

4. Application materials
Applicants should combine the following materials into one PDF file and send it to zhangziyang@westlake.edu.cn , and the subject of the email should be marked with “Position + Degree + My Name”. Those with incomplete information will not reply. 
1. Resume: including personal study, work experience, expertise, career planning, etc.; 
2. Transcript and other materials deemed necessary by the applicant; 
3. Provide the information and contact information (name + phone number or email address) of the two referees ). 

For applicants whose application materials have passed the preliminary review, we will arrange an interview as soon as possible. Recruitment notices are long-term effective. The laboratory is equipped with various technologies such as optical chip design, preparation, integration, and testing. It can provide many opportunities for scientific research development. Please email for consultation. We sincerely invite you to join us by the beautiful West Lake! 

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