Specific work location:
Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
Annual salary of 250,000-300,000 yuan
Recruitment position:
Postdoctoral fellows, researchers and teachers
company name:
Huizhou Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University
Contact information:
Resume delivery mailbox: hr1_sysuhz@163.com

Brief Introduction of the Organization The 
       Huizhou Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University is a scientific and technological innovation platform jointly established by Sun Yat-sen University and the Administrative Committee of Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is the first batch of new-type R&D institutions recognized by Guangdong Province and the only new-type professional service in the petrochemical industry in the country. Research and development institutions. 
       The Huizhou Research Institute of Sun Yat-Sen University follows the principles of deploying innovation chains around the industrial chain and perfecting the capital chain around the innovation chain. Based on the petrochemical industry, it aims to improve the core competitiveness of the industry and the innovation capability of the industry source, and overcome the major key to the development of the fine chemical industry. Common technical issues, efficient openness and condensing of innovative resources, provide a strong driving force for the construction of Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone into a world-class green petrochemical industrial base, and expand services to major petrochemical industrial bases in Guangdong Province and even the country. 
       The team leader, Professor Ji Hongbing, is a distinguished professor of the “Yangtze River Scholar” of the Ministry of Education, a winner of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Fund, a leader in scientific and technological innovation of the National “Ten Thousand Talents Program” of the Central Organization Department, a leader in scientific and technological innovation for young and middle-aged persons of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Human Resources Ministry of National Hundreds, Thousands of Talents Project, “Guangdong Special Support Plan” outstanding talents. The current deputy secretary and vice president of Guangdong Institute of Petrochemical Technology (in charge of overall administrative work), dean of the Fine Chemical Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, and founder of the Huizhou Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University. The team has long been committed to biomimetic catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, photo-thermal-electric co-catalysis, nano/sub-nano/single atom catalyst engineering, new chemical separation, adsorption and degradation of organic pollutants, functional supramolecular polymers, processes Intensified, fine chemical new materials, chemical park management and other related fields applied basic research and application development. In recent years, the research and development work of the team has been internationally advanced, and some of the results have reached the international leading level, and a number of technical results have been implemented in industrial applications. 
       The team plans to hire post-doctors, full-time researchers and full-time teachers to engage in high-level scientific research. For detailed positions and related requirements, please read the following. 

Recruitment posts 
Postdoctoral, full-time scientific research personnel and full-time teacher posts. 

Recruitment direction 
1. Catalysis direction: green catalysis, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, biomimetic catalysis, catalytic oxidation and degradation, heterogeneous catalysis, single atom catalysis, environmental catalysis, photocatalysis, etc.
2. Fine chemical industry direction: fine chemicals, functional fine chemicals, organic synthesis, new chemical materials, functional polymers, supramolecular polymer materials and composite nano materials, etc. 
3. Nano materials direction: electrodeless, organic porous materials and pore structure control and selective adsorption and separation, multi-dimensional and multi-scale functional nano materials structure control and performance research, nano-catalysis, adsorption, conductive materials, etc. 
4. Chemical engineering direction: process enhancement, green chemical engineering, chemical process, separation engineering, chemical simulation, system engineering, chemical big data, etc. 
5. Theoretical calculation direction: theoretical calculation chemistry, catalytic mechanism calculation, material performance calculation, powder XRD structure refinement, single crystal growth and structure analysis, etc. 

Job requirements 
1. Under 35 years of age; 
2. Have a doctorate degree in chemistry and chemical engineering from well-known universities at home and abroad; 
3. Love scientific research, have related papers published in international high-level journals or academic conferences, and have strong academic research Ability or potential; 
4. Have good political and personal qualities, abide by laws and regulations, have no bad records, and be physically and mentally healthy. 

1. Pre-tax annual salary of 250,000 to 300,000 yuan + performance bonus + project options. 
2. Enjoy local high-level talent related subsidies, zero rent for doctoral talent apartments and senior talent housing provident fund preferential policies. 

How to apply For those 
who meet the requirements and apply for the job, please submit the following materials: 
1. The electronic version of personal resume, the scanned copy of the doctoral graduate certificate and doctoral degree certificate or the scanned copy of the doctoral degree certificate issued by the doctoral training unit before entering the station; 
2. Scanned copies of published academic research masterpieces. 
The electronic version of the above application materials should be sent to the email address : hr1_sysuhz@163.com , with the subject of the email indicating “ Applying for Researchers of Huizhou Research Institute of Sun Yat-Sen University”.

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