Specific work location:
Southwest Hospital, Gaotanyanzheng Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing
Annual salary system negotiable
Educational background and research direction:
Clinical pathology related majors
Recruitment position:
Pathology doctor
company name:
Chongqing Southwest Hospital
company website:
Contact information:

Recruitment notice for pathological diagnosis doctors of 
Chongqing Southwest Hospital (Chongqing Southwest Hospital) The Pathology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Military Medical University (Chongqing Southwest Hospital) integrates clinical pathology diagnosis, pathology teaching and scientific research. It is the Institute of Clinical Pathology of the PLA and the National Key Clinical Specialty Center. The 2018 “Fudan Rankings of Chinese Hospitals” announced in 2019 ranks tied for fourth place in the National Pathology Comprehensive Rankings (of which the scientific research standard value is full score). 
The discipline was founded in 1942 in the Department of Pathology, Zhongzheng Medical College. The Southwest Hospital was formerly known as the National Government Central Hospital. The discipline has a deep history and talents have emerged in large numbers. Three academicians of the two academies have grown up: Academician Cheng Tianmin of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Liu Tonghua and Academician Bian Xiuwu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
The subject teachers are strong and the quality of teaching (regulation training) is high. There are currently more than 130 staff members, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 national “Thousand Young People”, 1 “Chief Medical Expert” in Chongqing, 1 “Liangjiang Scholar” in Chongqing, 1 outstanding youth in Chongqing, army There are 4 scholarship bonuses and silver awards in colleges and universities, 1 “Silver Star” in the general post, 1 outstanding teacher in the general post, and 1 person enjoys special government allowances. The clinical pathology scale is large and the diagnosis level is high. There are about 60,000 histopathological cases every year, and there are a large number of difficult consultation cases in China. It has a good specialty pathology direction and characteristics, and has advantages in pathological diagnosis of neurological tumors, lymphohematopoietic tumors, gastrointestinal tumors, breast tumors, gynecological tumors, urinary system tumors, bone and soft tissue tumors. The molecular pathology platform is advanced, and PCR, FISH and gene sequencing are routinely carried out. The scientific research platform is leading in the country, including cell and molecular biology platform, omics and molecular platform, morphology and quantitative platform, living cell workstation and high-content drug screening platform, flow cytometry sorting and analysis platform, genetic resources and pathology Sample library platform.
The discipline research strength is strong. Under the leadership of academician Bian Xiuwu, the academic leader, he has presided over the national 973, 863, national major projects, national key research and development programs, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the key projects of Chongqing Municipality and the military. There are more than 200 projects, and the longitudinal research funding is over 100 million yuan. The in-service staff has published more than 300 SCI papers in Nature, Science, Cell Stem Cell, Nature Immunology, etc., and won the first, second and third prizes of National Science and Technology Progress, the first prize of Chongqing Natural Science, the first prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology, There are 23 scientific and technological achievements above the second prize of provincial and ministerial level (military), including the first prize of science and technology of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and the first and second prizes of military scientific and technological progress, and 21 authorized invention patents. 

1. Recruitment position and requirements 
(1) Recruitment position: pathological diagnosis doctor 
(2) Recruitment number: 1-2 
(3) Position requirements: 
1. Have a doctoral degree and a degree; 
2. Have a medical certificate and have completed a residency Standardized training; 
3. Have a professional background in clinical pathology; 
4. Have 3 years or more experience in clinical pathology diagnosis; 
5. Pathologists with various professional titles who have no labor relations with the original unit, have good ideological and political quality, and love Socialist China supports the leadership of the Communist Party, is loyal to the party’s educational cause, obeys the requirements of military management, has a decent working style, has good conduct, abides by laws and regulations, has passed the political review, and has no political problems. 
6. Good health and qualified medical examination. 

Salary : 1. The salaries are generous, the annual salary system is implemented, and the specific salaries are negotiable. 
2. Pay medical care, unemployment, pension, maternity, work injury insurance and housing provident fund, and sign a labor contract with the hospital; 
3. Recruit physicians to encourage study and exchanges. After a certain number of years of work, they can go out for further studies according to personal development and the needs of the department. (Including abroad). 

3. Registration method
If you are interested and meet the job requirements, please submit your resume to the designated mailbox. The applicant must truthfully report his situation. If the content is false or concealed, the qualification will be cancelled. 
Contact: Chou 
delivery mail: zhouruixu0701@163.com 

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