The Advanced Polymer and Energy Materials Research Group of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shenzhen University is looking for postdoctoral fellows. 
Team introduction: 
This research group is an international team composed of outstanding researchers from all over the world. The head of the research group is Professor Florian J Stadler. He is currently an editorial board member of the journal Rheologica Acta, the deputy director of the Nanshan Biomedical Polymer Materials and Safety Evaluation Key Laboratory, and a distinguished professor of Shenzhen University. He is in polymer rheology, advanced polymer materials, Published hundreds of articles on nano-functional materials and energy materials. The team currently has 1 top-notch young talent from the Pearl River in Guangdong Province and 3 talents from the Shenzhen Peacock Project. A number of national, provincial and municipal projects are being studied. The team is equipped with 1 professional synthesis laboratory, 1 physical chemistry laboratory, 1 constant temperature and humidity laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with Anton Paar MCR702 rheometer, Anton Paar MCR302 rheometer, Novocontrol dielectric analysis Instrument, ultraviolet-visible light spectrophotometer, light scattering particle size analyzer, fluorescence spectrometer, GPC, micro extruder, compression molding machine, electrospinning machine and a series of instruments. The college is also equipped with a full set of characterization equipment such as SEM, XRD, XPS, MALDI-TOF-MS, GPC, TGA, DSC, TMA, FTIR, etc. The school platform can provide NMR, TEM and other tests. 
Due to the needs of scientific research, we are now looking for several postdoctoral fellows at home and abroad. 
Post information: 
Location: Shenzhen University School of Materials 
Position: Postdoctoral 
Job Type: Full Time 
, Duration: 2 years 
recruitment period: Long-term effective, move over until the 
We have extensive experience in looking for following directions, as well as other related fields postdoctoral Researchers: 
• Polymer Chemistry and Physics
• Polymer simulation 
• Rheology 
• Energy materials 
• Functional polymer materials 
• Gel materials Application 
Applicants should have good academic training, be able to independently engage in scientific research, have good team communication and collaboration skills, and meet The following requirements: 
-Ability to independently complete English thesis writing; 
-Published or about to publish high-level academic papers in the field of work; 
-Obtain a doctoral degree within three years (including recent graduates who are about to obtain a degree), under the age of 35 years old. 
Outbound requirements: 
According to the relevant regulations of Shenzhen University, post-doctorate must meet the following basic scientific research volume: 
With the first author, Shenzhen University as the first unit, publish 1 journal article in JCR District I of Chinese Academy of Sciences, or 2 journal article in JCR District II , Or 4 journal papers in the third and fourth regions of JCR. Articles that exceed the amount of basic scientific research will be rewarded accordingly. Salary 

-Basic salary package (~320,000 yuan/year): 
1. Shenzhen University provides a comprehensive annual salary of about 140,000 yuan, plus 2240 yuan/month for housing subsidies and 350 yuan/month for meal supplements. 
2. According to the regulations of the Shenzhen Municipal Government for post-doctoral grants, after the opening of the questions and the mid-term assessment, the Shenzhen Municipal Government will respectively issue 180,000 yuan (tax-free) post-doctoral allowances for a total of 360,000 yuan. 
Other benefits: 
3. After leaving the station, stay in Shenzhen to work, and meet the requirements of Shenzhen reserve-level talents (won the China Postdoctoral Fund, the National Youth Fund, or stay in deep for 3 years, one of the above three conditions), and get 1.6 million yuan Housing subsidy
4. Eligible persons can apply for the Shenzhen Peacock Program’s 1.6-2 million housing subsidy during the station. For the relevant application conditions, please refer to the relevant policies of Shenzhen. This subsidy and reserve-level talents can only apply for one. 
5. Eligible persons can apply for the Guangdong Special Support Program “Science and Technology Innovation Young Top Talents” post-doctoral subsidy of 500,000 yuan, and Guangdong Province “Pearl River Talents Young Top Talents”, personal living allowance of 500,000 yuan/year × 5 years. 
6. Eligible persons can apply for the overseas youth post-doctoral introduction project in Guangdong Province (600,000 yuan in station, 400,000 yuan in housing subsidy for staying in Guangdong); 
7. Newly-introduced doctoral talents in Shenzhen can apply for a one-time rental of 30,000 yuan and Living allowance. 
8. You must be under 33 years of age when entering the station, and within 1 year of obtaining a doctoral degree (subject to the time limit for post-doctorate registration). And meet the requirements of “the top 200 universities in the Times Higher Education World University (including domestic)” or “publishing 3 academic papers of JCR District 2 or above as the first author during the doctoral period”, Shenzhen University will give extra Incentive treatment is 2000 yuan per month for a total of two years. 
9. In the case of exceeding the amount of basic scientific research required for outbound, for each SCI paper published by the first author and the first unit of Shenzhen University, a reward of RMB 5,000 to RMB 20,000 will be given according to the division of the paper (in accordance with the “Shenzhen Postdoctoral Management Work Regulations” “And “Shenzhen University Postdoctoral Management Regulations” and other relevant regulations shall prevail). 
10. The person in charge can independently apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shenzhen Basic Research Project and Postdoctoral Fund. 
11. The school arranges turnover housing (below the market rent). 
12. Post-doctoral personnel entering the station can choose to settle down in this city voluntarily, and their spouses and minor children can move into the household along with them; matters related to their children’s enrollment in nursery and enrollment shall be handled with reference to the faculty and staff of Shenzhen University. 
13. Those who leave the station for postdoctoral work and sign a contract for more than 3 years with the work unit will provide 300,000 yuan of research start-up funding.
Applicants need to provide the following materials: 
first provide a personal resume and representative articles reflecting their academic level in the past 5 years. After passing the preliminary examination, provide a scanned copy of the degree certificate or a description of the degree to be obtained (the fresh graduates can provide it after the defense), and arrange an interview (video interview is available). 
Teacher Yan Zhichao (Top-notch young talents in Pearl River, Guangdong Province, high-level overseas talents in Shenzhen) 
• Email:
• Phone: 18122167066 
• Address: School of Materials Science, Shenzhen University, No. 1066 Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Room 

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