[Recruitment of Huada Research Institute] Genomics is constantly developing rapidly in the direction of single-cell and temporal and spatial resolution. In recent years, the emergence of spatiotemporal omics sequencing technology allows people to clearly see the molecular spatial positioning and dynamic changes at the whole genome level of the tissue at high resolution, which is the basis for tissue/organ structure, personal development, life evolution, and human diseases. Research and medical applications provide revolutionary tools. In order to meet the research and development requirements of spatio-temporal omics, recruit the following talents: 

Job title: biotechnology/information researcher (associate researcher) (spatio-temporal omics direction) 
Number of people required: 5 
job responsibilities: 
1. Promote spatio-temporal omics international cooperation projects; 
2. Space group and single-cell omics data interpretation, integrated analysis and article publication; 
3. Talent training and team building in this field; 
job requirements: 
1. PhD degree in developmental biology, pathology, cell fate control, etc., 5 years The above research experience; 
2. Participating experience in major international scientific projects is preferred; 
3. Experience in single-cell and space group multi-omics integrated analysis is preferred; 
4. Good scientific literacy and teamwork awareness; 
5. Excellent English writing and good skills Communication skills. 

Job Title: Senior Researcher in Biotechnology 
Number of Needs: 1 
Job Responsibilities: 
1. Tissue sample processing: including tissue embedding, frozen section, paraffin section, HE staining, immunohistochemistry, etc.; 
2. According to project requirements, specific location of the tissue Perform accurate slicing; 
3. Train and build a team of talents related to tissue slicing; 
job requirements:
1. Tissue and anatomy physiology, clinical pathology and other majors, master’s degree or above, more than 5 years of work experience is preferred; 2. Rich experience in sample embedding, frozen section, paraffin section, etc. is preferred; 3. Clinical pathology work Experience is preferred; 4. Good team spirit and ability to withstand pressure; 

Job title: Front-end development engineer (visualization system) 
Number of people required: 1 
Job responsibilities: 
Responsible for the front-end architecture design of the visualization system, software development and rapid version iteration. 
Ability requirements: 
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of web front-end development experience; 
2. Proficient in HTML5/CSS3/JS/ES6/SVG and other front-end technologies, and at least understand one back-end development technology (such as Node.js/Java/ Python); 
3. Familiar with mainstream JavaScript frameworks (such as React/Vue/RN, etc.), and proficient in more than one of them; 
4. Familiar with any database such as MongoDB/Redis/MySQL; 
5. With complex front-end visual development Experience (such as Plotly\ECharts\Tableau\D3, etc.); 
6. Have a certain understanding of Web product design and user experience; 
7. Good teamwork awareness and positive working attitude, can quickly understand and digest needs; 
8. Have WebGL Development experience is preferred, full stack development is preferred; 
9. Development experience with complex forms, processes, multi-map and multi-interface linkage, data visualization, etc. is preferred; 

resume delivery email address: bgitalent@genomics.cn

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