Specific work location:Changchun, JilinSalary:170,000+Educational background and research direction:PhD
2021 “Special Research Assistant” Recruitment Notice for the Environmental Rehabilitation Materials and Technology Discipline Group, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences   1. 
Recruitment conditions 
1. Under 35 years old (inclusive), full-time Ph.D. graduate and doctoral degree The doctoral degree is generally not more than 3 years ago, and it has good potential for scientific research development. For those who are particularly outstanding, the age and time for obtaining a doctorate can be appropriately relaxed. Priority will be given to those who have obtained an overseas doctorate. 
  2. Possess microbiology, environmental science and similar majors. 
  3. Have good physical conditions to meet the requirements of the job, and have the professional or technical conditions required for the job. 
  4. Have a good scientific research work foundation and meet one of the following conditions: 
  ①Publish a first-author B type paper in an important international journal (Type B of an important international journal refers to: SCI journals and SSCI journals in Zone 2 of the upgraded version of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Journal Partition Table , Subject to the latest query results on the online platform, the website is: http://www.fenqubiao.com/ ); 
  ②Published more than 2 first author SCI journal papers and SSCI journal papers. 
  2. Related benefits  
  1. Salary: basic salary starting from 170,000 yuan + five insurances and one housing fund + scientific research performance rewards, etc., up to 400,000 yuan per year. 
  2. Refer to the management of the institute’s business staff and enter the institute’s postdoctoral mobile station at the same time, recommend 
  applying for national postdoctoral fund projects and related talent plans, and enjoy benefits such as vacations and physical examinations; 3. Those who meet the corresponding conditions can apply for the “Chinese Academy of Sciences Special “Research Assistant Funding Project”, after being approved, it will receive a funding of 600,000 yuan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a matching funding of 200,000 yuan from the Institute; 
3. Contact Information 
Teacher Wang: qywang@iga.ac.cn
Teacher Yu:yuhongwen@iga.ac.cn 

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