e are recruiting one doctoral and four postdoctoral candidates to join the RangeX team from April 2021. Please follow the links below for specific calls for each position. Interested candidates may apply for multiple positions but must do so via the submission systems of the relevant institutions. Please note that submission deadlines for each position differ slightly, with the earliest being 4th January 2021.

Post-doc position on the role of soil biota in range shifts of mountain plant species under climate change [Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden. Contact: Paul Kardol

Doctoral researcher on impacts of range-expanding species on plant biodiversity [Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. Contact: Sylvia Haider 

Post-doc position on the processes controlling the establishment of range-expanding species and their impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems [University of Bergen, Norway. Contact: Vigdis Vandvik

Post-doctoral Research Fellow position on elevational change in woody species and management efficacy, in the Maloti-Drakensberg [Afromontane Research Unit (ARU), University of the Free State, South Africa. Applications to: Ralph Clark 

Post-doc position on the role of range-expanding plant species in plant-pollinator interactions tracked by using novel computer vision and deep learning tools [Aarhus University (AU), Denmark. Contact: Toke Høye



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