Dr. Wenying Fu from the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Northumbria University, UK, is engaged in research in the fields of regional and urban development, industrial upgrading and institutional transformation in emerging countries, global industrial transfer and environmental justice. For recent research results, please refer to https://www. northumbria.ac.uk/about-us/our-staff/f/wenying-fu/ . This doctoral scholarship is a human geography topic related to the informal sector of e-waste in China. For the project description, please refer to: https://www.findaphd.com/phds/pr… -fuwenying/?p127451

School Profile: UK Connaught Northumbria University (Northumbria University) is located in Newcastle, the fourth largest city in the UK, with affordable prices, convenient living and pleasant scenery. In 2021, the latest Guardian University ranked 27th in the UK and 21st in Geography and Environmental Sciences. It is one of the fastest rising universities in the UK in recent years. The Geography Department of Norwegian University has outstanding research results and a strong academic atmosphere. The research team regularly organizes internal seminars, academic lectures and annual theme conferences. There are currently more than 40 doctoral students in the department. 

Scholarship introduction: Fully funded by Northumbria University, £15,285/year, 3 years of schooling, free of tuition, and corresponding research and academic exchange funding support. 

Application requirements: Excellent master’s and undergraduate students in related fields such as human geography or urban and regional studies, with an IELTS score of 6.5 or above (not less than 6.0 in each item), and good English communication and writing skills. 

Application deadline: before January 29, 2021, submit relevant materials and a 1,000-word research plan through https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/re … grees/how-to-apply/ in the system Those who 

are interested can also send an email to contact:
Contact: Dr. Wenying Fu, Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University, UK 
Email address: wenying.fu@northumbria.ac.uk

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